April 2018

A home’s yard is the first thing anyone sees. Sometimes it’s the only thing people see of your home as they drive by. The condition of the lawn and the overall appearance of your yard is vital to the exterior beauty and curb appeal of your home and many homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on lawn maintenance.

While some yard work can be do-it-yourself, others are best left to professionals. Even simple weekly lawn mowing can be better handled by someone who knows what they are doing and may be well worth the price, especially if you are too busy to undertake the task well and might neglect the yard. Sometimes outsourcing is the best way to go.

Here, we have normal upkeep and routine yard maintenance routines and the average cost you can expect to pay a professional for them in the Indianapolis area. Landscapers prices will vary, but it helps to have a ballpark idea when you talk to them.

Grass Mowing
Mowing your own grass is fairly common and seems like a great way to cut household costs. However, for some people, it is well worth it to pay a professional. cost of grass mowing in indianapolisSomeone who does it for a living will know what height is best to cut your grass and can help avoid patches, browning grass and even pests and diseases.

A weekly service might include the mowing of your turf at a recommended height and also such things as weed whacking where needed around borders and edges and the blowing of clippings, leaves and debris from your patio or deck or driveway. Weekly mowing is important for maintenance of turf especially if there is an irrigation system and the turf gets regular watering. It is important that your lawn is mowed to an acceptable length, which is generally considered to be two to four inches. This helps the lawn handle climate stress, grow fewer weeds and retain moisture.

You can save money by only having the service done bi-weekly but this is best for lower quality turf that is not irrigated or fertilized. Often it is a good idea during the heat of the summer to skip a scheduled mowing as the grass may not be growing at a normal rate and may be under stress from the heat.
According to Promatcher.com the average cost for lawn mowing and maintenance for a ¼ acre lot in the Indianapolis area is $32.70 per visit.

Weed Control and Fertilization
Weed control and fertilization is a lengthy topic in itself. There are hundreds of companies, big and small, that provide these services in the Indianapolis area. Most offer a regular program in which they apply the fertilizer or weed control chemicals according to a seasonal schedule. Controlling the weeds in your yard is imperative to having a healthy, vibrant lawn and fertilization helps soil stability and plant health. Using the correct fertilizer and weed control chemicals at the proper rate is crucial and best left to professionals.

According to Promatcher.com the fertilization and weed control application for ¼ acre lot or less averages $53.67 per application in Indianapolis. Again, the cost varies by the size of the lot. There are also chemical-free programs that vary in cost.

Aerating your lawn is often performed by companies that provide other lawn services such as weed control and fertilization. Aeration is basically pulling plugs systematically from your lawn which allows air, water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. It is often done after winter in order to encourage new plant growth. Dethatching is similar and breaks up a layer of soil to help nutrients move. It tends to be a bit cheaper process.
According to Promatcher.com the average cost of aerating a ¼ acre yard in Indianapolis is $39.24 per visit.

Tree Trimming and Pruning
Trimming your trees and shrubs is crucial in helping your plants grow better and stay healthier. In addition, if there are trees and shrubs that have diseases, removing or trimming away the dead parts can stop the spread of disease to other areas and save the life of the tree or shrub. Different species of trees or shrubs can cost various amounts to trim or uproot since their roots might be harder to pull up, they might have more foliage to prune, or have hard to access branch patterns for cutting. Proper trimming is important and that’s why hiring a professional is often the way to go. Additionally, trimming a tall tree might require special equipment.

According to Promatcher.com the cost of tree trimming and pruning in Indianapolis averages $121.50 per hour for a 2 man crew. Tree removal averages a fixed fee of $370.60 for a standing tree less than 30 feet. Other costs associated with trees and shrubs would be spray treatments to protect them from disease. According to Promatcher.com that cost averages $112.50 per spray treatment in Indianapolis.

Mulch is an important part of any garden or area where you plant flowers and bushes. It is important to maintain 2”-3” of mulch in plant beds. Mulch acts to protect the roots of your landscape plants from drought in the summer and reduce damage from extreme cold in the winter. It also helps reduce weeds and it looks good in your yard, adding a clean, fresh appearance. According to Promatcher.com the cost of delivery and spreading of mulch in Indianapolis averages $67.58 per cubic yard.

Irrigation systems
An irrigation system is convenient for watering your lawn and plants on a regular basis, making sure that even during droughts they are receiving an adequate amount of moisture to keep them at an optimum health. There are costs associated with irrigation systems other than the water that is used. Each system must be closed properly and winterized and then opened and restarted in the spring. Also many communities require that systems be tested for proper backflow.
According to Homeadvisor.com the average cost of irrigation system start up and closing in Indianapolis is $106 per visit.

Leaf removal
For any yard that has a lot of trees, that means a lot of cleanup in the fall as the leaves begin to fall. Many homeowners opt to have professionals perform that service for them. According to Promatcher.com the cost of leaf removal in Indianapolis for a ¼ acre lot averages a flat fee of $224.14.

There are many aspects to keep a yard healthy and looking good. Some tasks you may want to do yourself and others you may want to outsource. In hiring a lawn maintenance service, you should ask what services are part of a package, as some things may not be included or perhaps by agreeing to more services, the price may be less than buying one service at a time. You will also want to ask for qualifications, licensing and references.