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Begin in April, weather permitting.

  • Grass will be cut to 3” every 7 days or as needed and includes fine trimming around buildings, posts, trees, etc. Clippings willbe mulched unless excessive growth prohibits. Concrete drives, sidewalks, patios, and curbs will be power-edged every 2-3 weeks or as needed. Clippings will be blown from all landscape beds, drives, paths and sidewalks. There are normally 28 cuts per season. Schedule dates are always weather permitting.
  • Double cuts or bagging the grass is often necessary due to heavy rains and/or irrigation systems. Additional charges will apply.
    • GreenImage Landscape will not trim around inflatable pools.
    • Additional charges will apply for clean-up in yard from toys, pets, lawn ornaments, mowing or trimming under trampolines and in dog runs.

Begin in April, weather permitting.

All weeds larger than 3” in landscape beds, parking lots, driveways, rock beds, etc. will be removed by hand. Weeds less than 3” will be sprayed with a non-selective herbicide for an additional fee. Service does not include vegetable gardens or along waterways.

Typically done between April and June, weather permitting

  • Perennials and certain deciduous shrubs will be cut down in the early spring. This includes deadheading, picking up leaves, sticks and debris throughout the landscape beds and turf.
  • Debris can be removed and hauled away for an additional fee.

Spring Clean-ups do not include pruning or shaping of ornamentals.

Typically done between April and June, weather permitting and in conjunction with Spring Clean-up

  • Re-mulch existing landscape beds and tree rings with a standard 1” top-dress of premium shredded hardwood mulch in brown or black and treat with a pre-emergent to maintain weed control. All mulch will be raked and level and blown clean from drives, paths, and walkways.
  • Areas to be mulched must be cleaned of debris and leaves or additional charges will apply.

Typically done in June/July and September/October, weather permitting.

  • Hedges, groundcover, small ornamental trees, shrubs and trees less than 15’ will be pruned according to the species.
  • Selective hand pruning and shearing methods may be used on maintained landscapes.
  • Rejuvenation pruning or multiple pruning’s later in the season can be done upon request.

Typically done October and November, weather permitting.

  • Leaves, sticks, and debris will be removed throughout the lawn and landscape beds.
  • Debris will be hauled away unless native areas exist where leaves can be dispersed to decompose.

Typically done in the fall.

  • Top dressing a lawn is the practice of placing a thin layer of compost material on an established lawn.
  • It is a great natural way to get organic material back into the soil without the use of chemicals.
  • Increases the soil’s ability to bind to the essential nutrients in the soil rather than get leached through the soil.
  • The compost provides a very fertile place for the new seedlings to germinate and start a strong healthy turf.


Round 1: This application combines organic nutrients with the right amount of quick release fertilizer, so your turf
responds right away to recover from the harsh winter months. Fertilizer containing organic matter has tremendous benefits over synthetic fertilizers. Included with this round is a liquid application of crabgrass pre-emergent. Applied in March/April, weather permitting.

Round 2: This granular application contains biosolids which contain biologically active substances such as auxins, humic acids, vitamins and amino acids–all well documented to have favorable physiological effects on plant growth. Adding biosolids to soil for these valuable organic substances is known to make plants hardier with better heat and drought tolerance. This can be done in conjunction with the first application of the Liquid Aeration and broadleaf weed control treatment. Applied in May/June, weather permitting.

Round 3: A slow-release fertilizer provides consistent nutrients during the damaging summer weather in addition to a preventative grub control application. Applied in June, weather permitting.

Round 4: This granular application is the same as round 2 and includes spot spraying of any remaining broadleaf weeds. This is done in conjunction with the final application of Liquid Aeration treatment. Applied in August or September, weather permitting.

Round 5: This is, by far, the most important application of the year. It protects the turf’s root system from cold temperatures, provides an earlier green color in the spring and improves health and fullness of the lawn. A final layer of weed control is applied to minimize weeds in the spring. Applied in October or November, weather permitting.

Liquid Aeration: This 3 in 1 liquid application aerates, dethatches and conditions your lawn and soil. This guarantees no chance of damage to irrigation systems or underground wiring that is associated with traditional core aeration. It promotes a healthier lawn, adds humates to the soil and stimulates root growth. For best results, 2 applications are recommended. Applied in May and September, weather permitting.

Grub Control: This application of insecticide is applied across the entire lawn to obtain season long control of grubs and other lawn destroying insects. For full effectiveness, the lawn must be watered within a 24-hour time frame. Applied with round 3.

Protect your family and pets with this program. Our trained technicians will treat key areas of your property to help control the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. Our products decrease the number of eggs laid by treated adults, reduce hatch rates, and prevent maturity of juvenile mosquitoes.

Due to the inability to spray around ornamental water features and ponds, the effectiveness of the treatment when water features are present is reduced and warranty sprays are not available.


This 4-round program keeps your landscape healthy by controlling insects throughout the year. This program prevents insects from damaging landscape plants.

This 2-round program keeps your landscape healthy by controlling diseases throughout the year. This program prevents fungus from damaging landscape plants. This program also controls the Needlecast disease that is attacking Blue Spruce trees throughout the Midwest.

Deep root fertilizer provides essential nutrients to the root zones of trees. Deep root fertilization is performed in the fall and in the spring. In the fall, plant roots absorb nutrients that will be used during the initial spring growth period. In the spring, plant roots absorb nutrients that will be used throughout the growing season.


Begin your irrigation system, check and adjust heads, set controller and diagnose any potential problems. Minor repairs may be done for an additional fee.

Done in conjunction with the start-up, our state certified backflow technician will test, repair and file the necessary paperwork with your municipality upon receipt of payment. (Pre-paying for services guarantees your backflow test report will be sent to the municipality on time.) Any repairs will be billed at an additional charge.

Failure to comply may result in your water being shut off by your utility provider.

During the middle of the season, the irrigation technician will retest your system, adjust any heads, reset the controller as needed and check for any potential problems.

Irrigation lines are cleaned and blown out for moisture/chemicals before the first frost.

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