5 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Patio Company in Indianapolis

Choosing the right patio contractor can make all the difference; between a never-ending project full of delays and surprise expenses, and one that flows seamlessly from design to completion in time for your big summer family get-together. But where do you begin looking for the right contractor?

Best 20 Perennials for Indianapolis

To have a successful perennial garden in Indiana, you must engage in thorough planning and preparation. Here are some of the Services’ tips on how to get started...

What You Need to Know about Mosquito Spraying in Indy

Mosquitos can be a huge annoyance when you are trying to spend time outdoors in your backyard and, even worse, they can cause illness and, rarely, even death. So deciding whether you want to invest in a mosquito eradication service is an important decision.

What You Need To Know About Mulching

Now that spring is here again, what should you do with that old mulch that has served you – and your plants – so well? You may be tempted to simply throw another layer on top of the year-old (or more) mulch that’s already there. But that would be a mistake.

The Cost of Yard Maintenance in Indianapolis

While some yard work can be do-it-yourself, others are best left to professionals. Here, we have normal upkeep and routine yard maintenance routines and what you can expect to pay a professional for them in the Indianapolis area.
When to trim trees and how

Spring trimming and pruning

With the arrival of spring comes warmer weather which leads to the reawakening of the trees, plants and shrubs in our yards. And with that comes the question of what to prune, what not to prune and when to prune. Purdue Extension Services calls pruning “one of the best, worst maintenance practices" performed on trees and shrubs.

Top Outdoor Living Projects in Indianapolis And Costs

Consider your yard a blank canvas … you can create any “picture” imaginable with landscaping … from water features to outdoor kitchens to a cozy fire pit perfect for entertaining friends or relaxing after a long week. A general “rule-of-thumb” budget is to spend 10% of your home’s value on your yard.

Five Spring Landscaping Tips For Indianapolis Homeowners

There’s nothing that gives the Hoosier heart quite the boost as seeing the gentle rise of bulbs popping forth from the cold ground, buds bursting forth on trees and the gentle weeping willow branches turning magnificent chartreuse as temperatures warm. But as most homeowners know, this is no time to dilly dally or wax poetic about “a young man’s fancy …” This is the time to hit the ground running.
Indianapolis Landscaping Contractor

Five Things to Know When Hiring a Landscaping Company in Indianapolis

As witnessed by the exponential growth of television shows like “Yard Crashers,” “Curb Appeal” and “Desperate Landscapes,” a growing number of folks are extending their living areas from the inside to the great outdoors. Long gone are the days of a simple concrete patio, a pot of geraniums and petunias and a little charcoal grill in the corner.