6 Fall Planting Tips: Start Now for Success Year-Round

Fall offers a welcome break from the heat and humidity of summer – but there’s no break when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space! Here are 6 fall planting tips to ensure your garden and yard wows come spring.

Landscape Makeover: Breathing New Life into a Tired Yard 

Additional Notes & Source Links: https://greenimagelandscape.com/services#maintenance https://greenimagelandscape.com/services#landscaping https://greenimagelandscape.com/services#outdoorliving Meta Description (author to write):[Text Wrapping Break]Does your landscape need a makeover? Breathing new life into a tired yard is easier than you think. GreenImage delivers the outdoor space of your dreams – and gives you back your time so you can actually enjoy it.

Irrigation Is Supplemental Water:
What Happens When We Experience a Drought?

Central Indiana is experience moderate drought conditions – and our lawns are feeling the stress. But remember: Irrigation is supplemental water, not a replacement for the rainfall Mother Nature Provides. We can’t water our grass back to its former green glory; it doesn’t work, and we waste a lot of this limited resource in the process. What can we do?

DIY vs. Pro? The Difference in Appearance When Letting Professionals Do Your Landscaping 

What can you expect when you trust professionals to do your landscaping? Spectacular results! The appearance (and health) of your lawn and property will be enhanced. And best of all, you free up ample time to actually enjoy it.

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Take Pride In Your Lawn with GreenImage 

GreenImage provides a full range of landscaping services. Take pride in your lawn, improve its health and appearance, and, best of all, relax while we do all the work!

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Outdoor Winter Fun – Make the Most of the Season

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