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GreenImage Landscape Design: The Perfect Combination of Services

While what goes into your landscape is critical, landscape design itself plays a key role. Green Image works to combine both landscaping services with design services to create a beautiful final product.
lawn winterizing

Mastering Winter: Winterizing Your Lawn in Three Simple Steps

What do you need to know to safeguard your lawn this winter? Winterizing your lawn is a must, and these tips will help you protect your outdoor spaces from frost, snow, and other seasonal challenges, ensuring a vibrant and healthy landscape come springtime.
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Transforming Your Outdoor Space: Exploring the Benefits of Full-Service Landscaping

Your outdoor space holds more power than you may have imagined, and at GreenImage, our full-service landscaping offerings can help create and maintain that space. Learn more now.
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Project Spotlight: Outdoor Living in Luxury

GreenImage is so much more than a simple landscaping company. Their comprehensive knowledge of design principles for outdoor spaces often makes them the single best outdoor landscaping and design firm in the area, as customer Dan Neely discovered.  
Outdoor pergola patio

Backyard Pergolas vs. Covered Patios: Which is Perfect for Your Outdoor Living Area?

Looking to enhance your space? A backyard pergola or an outdoor patio cover might be ideal, but how do you know which one is right for you? This quick guide can help.
Outdoor Living Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space: Ensuring your Interior Style Flows to your Backyard

Your home’s style defines itself the moment you walk through the door, but extending that style to your outdoor living space can help create a cohesive feel you’ll love. Learn how to make it happen here.

Bright Idea: 5 Options for Incorporating Lighting into Your Outdoor Living Design

Often an afterthought, it is essential to think about how to incorporate lighting into your outdoor living design. It serves a host of practical and aesthetic purposes. Learn more from the masters!
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How the Right Lighting Transforms Your Outdoor Space

The idiom “the difference is night and day” is used to describe a striking change. The same expression could be used in a literal sense when remarking on the difference between a dark yard and a well-lit landscape.
outdoor oasis

5 Tips for Creating the Best Outdoor Oasis in Your Neighborhood

Home extends beyond our walls. When you maximize your yard and property, you can create an oasis of calm – or a kicking social hub. Or both! Read on for excellent ideas for outdoor living in a neighborhood.

Paver Patios vs. Concrete: Which Is Better?  

Paver patios vs. Concrete: Which is better for YOU? See how these two materials stack up when it comes to cost, installation, durability, repair, and... just as important... style!