When many people think about their homes, they think about the physical building itself and what it contains. The reality, though, is that your home is so much more than the space you have inside. The landscape surrounding your home is just as important. Studies show that a beautiful landscape can increase your home’s property value by as much as 20%. Beyond increasing your property value, though, great landscape design helps you love your home, enjoy it more deeply, and engage with it both inside and out. What makes great landscaping around your home, though? GreenImage has found the secret.  

Landscaping Design is Just As Important as Landscaping 

For GreenImage, creating the perfect space outside your home is about more than simply adding plants, trees, and shrubs to a space. According to owner Dan Weingart, it means additional services. “GreenImage doesn’t just handle installation and maintenance. We also help our customers with landscape design, which allows them to truly enjoy the world outside of their homes as much as they enjoy it inside.” 

From choosing the right hardscaping materials to ensuring the plants surrounding your home truly complement its space, GreenImage Landscaping and Design works to focus on all of the aspects of a property, helping to make certain customers are genuinely happy with their properties inside and out. The result is a high rate of customer satisfaction. As recent customer Dan Neely said, “You know right away when you find quality people, and you stick with those people. That’s where having someone local like GreenImage that’s able to give you input based on climate, seasons, and what’s locally available is really critical.” GreenImage was able to work with Neely to design the landscaping around his new property, and the results were nothing short of phenomenal.  

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