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Mastering Winter: Winterizing Your Lawn in Three Simple Steps

The best of the fall colors have come and gone, and that means one thing for your lawn – it’s time to shift your focus. Winterizing your lawn helps protect your grass from the impending cold. Across Indiana, winter can be harsh, especially for a delicate plant like grass. With a bit of proactive care and preparation, though, your lawn will emerge in March unscathed by the frosty season and ready to flourish once more. What should you do to keep your lawn resilient even in the face of an Indiana winter?  

Raking the Leaves DOES Matter 

Love the look of a leaf-covered lawn? You’re not the only one. Mold and other fungi do too, which can lead to serious problems as the cycle of damp begins with winter. The lack of preparation in the fall will damage the look of your lawn in the spring. So get to raking – and make the most of it with a leaf pile for the kids to enjoy! 

Take The Driver’s Seat One Last Time 

You’ll want to mow your lawn one last time to prepare for winter, too. The height of your mower deck should be a bit lower than you normally set it at this point. You don’t want to scalp the grass, but you do want it shorter than normal. Most experts suggest cutting it at a height of about two inches, as you’re winterizing your lawn to help prevent the buildup of grass matting. If you don’t tackle this, it can lead to yet another fungal problem – snow mold. It can also eliminate hiding spots for pests that may damage your lawn over the winter.  

Add Fertilizer & Weed Control 

Late fall is the perfect time to apply winterizing fertilizer. Be sure you select an option that is rich in potassium, as that will promote growth in the roots of your lawn. This is also a great time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent winter weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides create a chemical barrier that hinders the growth of weed seedlings. This barrier works by inhibiting the development of a crucial enzyme in the germinating weed seed, effectively stunting or preventing its growth. That will help to make certain your lawn looks healthy after winter subsides. 

Winterizing Your Lawn with Green Image 

Don’t let the cold weather dull your landscape’s beauty – let our team keep your lawn healthy and thriving throughout the year.  Contact us today to schedule your winterization treatment and protect your lawn this year!