Think about your days playing outdoors as a kid or watching your own children unplug and enjoy the world. When we’re little, we can create everything from fan-filled baseball stadiums to magical kingdoms to fairy gardens from the simplest of spaces. All we need is a little outdoor space and some imagination. As adults, all we need to create an exceptional landscape to relax, enjoy, entertain, and set the scene for endless hours of family fun is a little outdoor space, some imagination – and a bit of help from the pros. 

Do You Need a Landscape Makeover? 

Is your landscape tired and drab? Instead of the envy-inducing space you envision and want, are you looking out on dry, straggling, untamed, unhealthy, or uninspiring vistas? There is no reason you cannot transform your outdoor area into a true showstopper.  

More to the point, though: how can you do this while juggling the demands of work, family, friends, community, and all-important downtime? GreenImage specializes in establishing and maintaining spectacular landscapes – and in making your life easier – with services that include: 

Landscape Maintenance  

An established lawn and landscape is a living entity, and just like any living thing, it needs to be cared for, nurtured, and, yes, loved! If you could use a makeover, there’s no time like the present to begin planning – and executing. To ensure your outdoor space is as beautiful, healthy, and vibrant as possible, it is important to put key landscape maintenance tasks on your to-do list, including: 

If you don’t have time or would rather utilize that time to pursue other hobbies, relax with family and friends, or simply sit and soak in the sun, the GreenImage team can take on your landscape maintenance needs. Reclaim your lawn – and your time. 

Landscape Design and Construction  

Maybe, instead of an established landscape, you have ideas and a vision. That’s fertile ground for terrific results, and it starts with a friendly conversation. Our designer will transform your goals or the details you’ve worked out into a viable plan with 3D models so you can visualize what your outdoor space will look like. Every detail matters, and we strive to get it not just right, but perfect. GreenImage offers a comprehensive range of landscape design and construction services, customizable to your needs: 

A simple conversation is the first step towards the landscape of your dreams. From there, sit back and savor the seasons as we get to work. 

Outdoor Living  

Demand for outdoor living spaces has exploded in recent years. Not only do homeowners want to maximize and make use of every single square foot of their properties, but they also want to create an oasis from the cares, worries, and stresses of the world. We don’t know about you, but nothing says “relaxation” quite like an outdoor kitchen! We are also well-versed in everything from patios to firepits. Make the most of your space with: 

If you can dream it, we can design and build it. If your current space leaves something (or a lot of things) to be desired, GreenImage has you covered.  

GreenImage Boosts Your Image 

Breathing new life into a tired yard is easier than you think: our team listens to your needs and goals, assesses your current space, develops a concrete plan encompassing all the details – big and small – and creates an outdoor experience of which you can be proud. 

Let’s get started, so you can kick back and take it easy. Contact GreenImage today.