More than Landscaping

GreenImage is so much more than a simple landscaping company. Their comprehensive knowledge of design principles for outdoor spaces often makes them the single best outdoor landscaping and design firm in the area, as customer Dan Neely discovered.  

Neely’s relationship with GreenImage began when his contracting team, Page Construction, partnered with the team to create a beautiful oasis from a new build’s complex landscape architecture plan. While landscape architects had developed several beautiful options, the reality was that a knowledgeable team ready to handle an elaborate outdoor design was an absolute must. GreenImage not only met Neely’s expectations, but far exceeded them.  

Ryan Page, owner of Page Construction, had good reason to contact GreenImage as it’s a team he’s worked with in the past. He knew the home’s intricate interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces needed a special touch. Page said, “This is an amazing site; with the relationship from the inside of the house to the outside, you would not know you’re in Fishers, Indiana.” Page’s hope was that GreenImage could seamlessly tie into the feel he created throughout the house.  

The team at GreenImage did exactly that, highlighting the natural beauty of the site and mirroring the unique design features of the home at every turn. By adding beautiful bluestone walkways and an outdoor staircase made from the same material, the team added a durable, gorgeous outdoor surface that was the finishing touch on the home. GreenImage also selected the perfect plants, shrubs, and trees to finish out the design.  

Dan Weingart, owner of GreenImage, will tell you that any project is not just about simple landscaping services. “We’re not just GreenImage, we’re GreenImage Landscape and Design. Our job isn’t just to add greenery to a home, but to design stunning outdoor spaces that truly complement any home’s architecture, no matter how large the project is.” 

With a deeper focus on quality materials and beautiful results, GreenImage not only created picturesque spaces for the Neely family, but also evergreen beauty throughout the property. “You know right away when you find quality people, and you stick with those people,” Neely said. When it comes to outdoor design and landscaping services, you’ll find the right people at GreenImage. 

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