DIY vs. Pro? The Difference in Appearance When Letting Professionals Do Your Landscaping 

For many homeowners, puttering around in the garden or raking up some fall leaves is an enjoyable way to get some activity and bust some stress. For many others… It’s a source of stress itself! Where do you find the time? What do you do with stubborn crabgrass? And why – why?! – do weeds grow so quickly? You just spent hours plucking and pruning that flowerbed! 

And most importantly, how do you achieve the beautiful results you want while juggling myriad other chores, tasks, and responsibilities? 

Easy: Let the pros do it. The difference in appearance when letting professionals do your landscaping is remarkable – and you will free up ample time to spend enjoying your property. 

Difference In Appearance When Letting Professionals Do Your Landscaping 

DIY is great – but if you aren’t blessed with a green thumb, so to speak, efforts may look… well, like you did it yourself. Choosing a qualified, experienced landscaping service gives you the edge (literally, as you see in a moment) you need for an envy-inducing outdoor space. 

  • Edging makes a world of difference. With lawn edging, we make a cut or a narrow trench between your grass and borders (e.g sidewalks, paths, pavement, flowerbeds, walls, hardscape elements, etc.). This instantly creates a significantly cleaner, more manicured look. It also prevents grass from creeping over into your landscaping features – which results in even less work when it comes to trimming! 
  • Beautiful lines deliver a crisp, clean look. If you want a golf course-quality lawn, it’s all about the lines and stripes! Cool season grasses like the ones used frequently in Indiana (e.g. fescue, bluegrass, rye) works beautifully for a “striped” lawn.  

    A blade of grass has two sides, one of which is lighter. When you mow it one way, you’ll see the dark side. Mow in the other direction, and you’ll see the light side. You can create a stunning effect by mowing in parallel lines, back and forth. Alternatively, you may prefer a checkerboard or circular pattern. In any case, getting the grass length right and keeping the lines straight is crucial – not to mention time-consuming and challenging. Leave it to the GreenImage team. We are nothing if not meticulous mowers! 
  • The right plant selections make for a lush landscape. With a DIY approach, you may just go to the nursery and pick out plants that appeal to your eye (and nose). Nothing wrong with wanting an attractive, bright yard! But if you do not select plants that thrive given your property’s soil and terrain, then you’re literally burying your time, money, and effort. Straggling, brown, dying flowers and shrubs don’t exactly scream “curb appeal”!  

    Pros have extensive insight into what varieties and species grow well in a variety of conditions and which will contribute to a healthy, beautiful landscape.  
  • Set yourself up for sustainable success. GreenImage is committed to providing the most exceptional service – and results – for our valued customers. And we know that this begins well before planting and continues even after the last leaves fall from the trees. Our comprehensive services include turf maintenance, lawn aeration, flower installation and maintenance, drainage, irrigation, seeding, sodding, grading, and custom maintenance plans to suit your unique needs. 

    By creating a healthy landscape from day one, you set yourself up for beautiful results year after year. 

The Power of Curb Appeal 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

When it comes to your home, that first impression matters. When experienced professionals do your landscaping, you greatly increase your curb appeal. Research shows that homes with landscaping and effort applied to curb appeal can increase perceived value by 5% – 11% and can help sell them faster. 

Even if you do not plan on selling any time soon, boosting your home’s value can be helpful in other ways, such as securing equity loans. But beyond this, boasting a gorgeous, healthy, thriving landscape – having great curb appeal – is a major factor in our sense of pride in our homes. We all want to feel good about the spaces in which we live. Trusting the job to the professionals is truly an investment that delivers strong returns. 

And one of the most important returns is your time. Get it back. Use it for hobbies and pursuits you enjoy, for family and friends, for relaxing and rejuvenating.  

Make a First Impression That “Wows” with GreenImage 

Find out what a difference it makes when professionals do your landscaping. GreenImage takes your trust in us seriously; we strive to deliver the highest level of service, industry-leading solutions, and results that will wow not only friends, family, and passersby – but you.  

Contact GreenImage to get started on the outdoor space of your dreams.