The Cost of Yard Maintenance in Indianapolis

While some yard work can be do-it-yourself, others are best left to professionals. Here, we have normal upkeep and routine yard maintenance routines and what you can expect to pay a professional for them in the Indianapolis area.

Best 20 Perennials for Indianapolis

To have a successful perennial garden in Indiana, you must engage in thorough planning and preparation. Here are some of the Services’ tips on how to get started...

What You Need To Know About Mulching

Now that spring is here again, what should you do with that old mulch that has served you – and your plants – so well? You may be tempted to simply throw another layer on top of the year-old (or more) mulch that’s already there. But that would be a mistake.
When to trim trees and how

Spring trimming and pruning

With the arrival of spring comes warmer weather which leads to the reawakening of the trees, plants and shrubs in our yards. And with that comes the question of what to prune, what not to prune and when to prune. Purdue Extension Services calls pruning “one of the best, worst maintenance practices" performed on trees and shrubs.