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Work Your Yard Smarter, Not Harder  

It’s been drilled into our heads: work hard… and then work harder. If you want to achieve great results, you need to put your nose to the grindstone, keep your shoulder to the wheel, burn the midnight oil, hammer away, grind, hustle. A good work ethic is, in our books, a must. But that doesn’t […]

Living Your Best Life Outdoors

Nothing beats how wonderful it feels to relax outdoors after enduring a long Midwestern winter. However, if your outdoor space isn’t designed to meet your needs, it can be more frustrating than relaxing. Designing and maintaining a cohesive relaxing space can take a lot of time, but the professionals at GreenImage Landscape & Design can help […]

Top Dressing and Overseeding: 

Your Lawn Will Be the Envy of the Neighborhood  The best time to make a plan for a thriving, beautiful lawn is… now. Even as you are in the midst of mowing and maintaining, it’s the perfect opportunity to take steps to ensure that your outdoor space is properly prepared for growth next year and […]

Irrigation Is Supplemental Water:
What Happens When We Experience a Drought?

Central Indiana is experience moderate drought conditions – and our lawns are feeling the stress. But remember: Irrigation is supplemental water, not a replacement for the rainfall Mother Nature Provides. We can’t water our grass back to its former green glory; it doesn’t work, and we waste a lot of this limited resource in the process. What can we do?