Get Your Time Back in 2022 – Benefits of Professional Landscape Maintenance 

Most homeowners know landscaping can be a downright overwhelming responsibility. For many, it’s a difficult, grueling, and time-consuming task that we just don’t want to deal with. But we still want our yards to look nice. We want curb appeal. We want to feel good when we arrive home from a long day of work or errands.  

There are, of course, your rogue green thumbs who love spending hours every week tending to their perfect gardens and yards. But most of us simply don’t have the ability to plan, design, and maintain our outdoor spaces. It takes up a ton of time, and it can still be costly to DIY. 

Get your time back this year by enrolling in a professional landscape maintenance plan with GreenImage. They can help you with designing, planning, creating, and maintaining a beautiful landscape.  

Landscape Maintenance Services 

 There are quite a few services that are included in ongoing landscaping maintenance. And most companies offer various packages based upon your home and garden’s unique needs for ongoing care and maintenance. Some of the services included in landscape maintenance are: 

  • Lawn Mowing – This can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or sometimes less, depending on where you live, the time of year, and the needs of your yard. 
  • Overall Landscape Bed Maintenance – Bed Maintenance includes overall care of your garden and landscaping. This includes removing weeds/debris, trimming, pruning, and much more. 
  • Tree and Shrub Pruning and Hedging – Pruning and/or hedging serves multiple purposes. It keeps your landscaping looking nice and away from walkways, porches, and other structures. It can also help the health and vitality of the plants in your garden and yard. 
  • Spring/Fall Cleanup – Prepping for summer and winter can involve various time-consuming tasks with each changing season; raking, mulching, debris removal, gutter/drainpipe cleaning, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, and much more go into spring and fall cleanup. 
  • Annual Flower Installation and Maintenance – Annual flowers, unlike perennials, die each winter. This type of flower will need to be replaced yearly. Maintenance on annuals may vary and some can be downright finicky to care for. 
  • Other Landscaping/Grounds Services –  
    • snow removal 
    • holiday lighting installation, removal, and storage 
    • other unique services 
  • Hardscape Upkeep – Hardscaping includes:  
    • paved areas 
    • retaining walls 
    • walkways 
    • stonework, woodwork, concrete, etc 

Keeping up with your landscape maintenance requires a wide variety of work, and without the help of the pros, you are left with these responsibilities. 

What are the Benefits of Professional Landscape Maintenance Services? 

So, is professional landscaping worth it? Those who have hired a pro will almost always say yes. Landscaping is not an easy project, and it’s an ever ongoing one. The benefits of professional landscape maintenance are evident in daily life. You get more time back, put less effort in, and still enjoy a beautiful yard and garden with major curb appeal. 

  • Saves You Time – Instead of spending your weekends or time after work maintaining or sprucing up your yard, you can spend that time enjoying your backyard with family and friends, keeping up with your hobbies, or simply relaxing for some much-needed downtime. 
  • Can Save You Money – DIY landscaping can get expensive. Especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, don’t have a plan, or accidentally cause damage. Just imagine trying to do a small garden excavation yourself and causing flooding onto a porch, walkway, or worse, inside your home.  
  • Saves You the Effort – Landscaping is hard work, and if you are constantly laboring to keep up with it, you may be too exhausted to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There’s also always the risk of injury with many landscaping projects/tasks like mowing, trimming, and gutter cleaning. 
  • Keeping Up Property Values – Maintaining the landscaping and curb appeal of your home also helps to keep the value of your home up. A bonus for your community is that it can even help keep up the average home values in your neighborhood. Cheap landscaping can be a real eyesore if things aren’t done with the utmost levels of skill and care.  

You may be wondering how much a landscape maintenance plan will cost. The truth is it can vary based upon your specific needs & wants, the frequency of service, and even the experience level of the landscaper. The expert team at GreenImage will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that suits your needs.  

With so many benefits to professional landscaping maintenance; from basic structural upkeep to more intimate benefits like extra time with your family, now is the time to consider enrolling in a maintenance plan. Check out the services Green Image Landscape & Design offers for professional landscape maintenance and connect to get started creating a maintenance plan for your yard!