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Outdoor Winter Fun – Make the Most of the Season

When winter arrives, there’s nothing quite like that first snow to create a little winter magic right outside your back door. Just a glance at your gorgeous backyard covered in a light, fluffy layer, though, simply isn’t enough. You want to make the most of the season with some outdoor winter fun. Your landscape may […]

Three Reasons Winter Pruning Helps Your Trees and Shrubs

The cold temperatures of winter are here, and your trees and bushes have finally entered their dormant stage for the year. During these colder months, many people think little about their trees and bushes, but the reality is that this is the perfect time to do a bit of winter pruning to maximize growth in the upcoming year.    Why […]

Winter Enrollment with GreenImage: 

The mercury is plunging, the wind is howling, soon the snow will be blowing, and the ice can make your walk down the path into a slapstick routine — minus the comedy. Winter is here. Dreaming of an envy-inducing landscape, bursting with color and variety, is a surefire way to beat cabin fever. And winter is the perfect time to make your 2022 landscaping […]

Create a Winter Wonderland: 

5 Holiday Lighting & Decor Ideas  In the winter, it seems that the sun no more than rises than it’s already setting! The days are short, there’s a chill in the air, and you have to wait a few more months before your blooms burst into life. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy vibrant colors and spectacular outdoor […]

Protecting Your Plants from an Early Frost

We all know winter is coming… Every. Single. Year. Yet it still manages to catch us off guard most of the time! Whether it is a sudden cold snap or an early snowfall, we often cross the line between crisp and downright cold overnight. And when we wake up, we see that thin layer of […]

What Are the Benefits of Fall Planting?

Are you a diehard gardener who just doesn’t want to say goodbye to playing in the dirt and coaxing beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables from the earth? Do you want to get a jump on next year’s display or harvest? Are you a homeowner who wants to extend the growing season so your eyes see more than […]