Work Your Yard Smarter, Not Harder  

It’s been drilled into our heads: work hard… and then work harder. If you want to achieve great results, you need to put your nose to the grindstone, keep your shoulder to the wheel, burn the midnight oil, hammer away, grind, hustle. A good work ethic is, in our books, a must. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your literal blood, sweat, and tears into every project. Sometimes – nearly all times! – working smarter is the more efficient route to your goal.  

This is especially true when it comes to your yard, because when you work smarter, you have more time, energy, and good weather to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

How to Work Your Yard Smarter, Not Harder 

A beautiful yard and landscape is a source of pride for every homeowner. Working smarter ensures you have more time in your schedule (and fuel in your internal tank!) to savor it. 

1. Make Routine Maintenance a… Routine 

We all know that when we leave tasks too long, they tend to become more and more challenging! And while it can be difficult, taking a few minutes to weed your gardens and flower beds or trim the grass means that you won’t spend untold hours doing it whenever you get a break in your schedule. 

2. Get Ahead of Potential Problems   

An ounce of prevention…  

Along similar lines of integrating routine maintenance tasks into your yard schedule, it is important to tackle potential trouble spots before they grow (literally) into fully bloomed problems. For example, winter pruning can lead to healthier, more attractive trees and shrubbery in the spring. 

Be selective when late winter pruning. You want to stick to evergreen shrubs and trees (e.g. yew, boxwood, holly, spruce, fir) that are still dormant, as well as shade trees (e.g. maple, oak, sweetgum) so you encourage new growth, avoid diseases, and reduce stress on your favorite trees and shrubs. 

As another example, you can be proactive against fungus by mowing properly, watering conservatively (and in line with weather conditions), and fertilizing in a safe way. A few steps here can save you from a marathon later.  

3. Plant for Success 

You can trim some time and effort from yard work by being selective about your plants. There are myriad varieties of grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees that are native or well-suited to Central Indiana. When you opt for these, you will significantly save on water consumption, fertilizer, pest control, and aggravation. Instead of fighting against nature, you will work with it to create and maintain a beautiful, thriving landscape. And you’ll save yourself a ton of work. 

4. Integrate Hardscape Features 

Central Indiana has experienced moderate drought conditions for the past few years. Choosing plants that are native or at least adapted (but not invasive) to our area helps reduce water use – and save money. You can also cut down on the amount of yard you need to mow or otherwise maintain by integrating strategic hardscape features. These include decks and patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and much more. Well-designed hardscaping works with your property’s natural features and terrain and can blend seamlessly into the landscape for a cohesive aesthetic.  

5. Call in Your Team  

Work even smarter. Call in a dedicated team of experts who take as much pride in your yard as you do. They will handle all the heavy lifting – as well as the more delicate work of planting, weeding, pruning, and nurturing your landscape into its healthiest, most attractive state. You have the flexibility to choose which tasks, if any, you’d like to handle yourself while letting GreenImage take others off your plate. Best of all, you get all the satisfaction without all of the investment in time so you can focus on your other priorities.  

Smart Results with GreenImage 

GreenImage specializes in creating and maintaining spectacular landscaping that you can be proud of. Whatever your vision, whatever your property conditions, whatever your dream yard… we can help you achieve it. Work smarter, not harder – and don’t worry: our experts still work plenty hard to ensure you enjoy optimal results. 

Contact GreenImage… and reclaim your yard and your time.