Bright Idea: 5 Options for Incorporating Lighting into Your Outdoor Living Design

After the seeding and the sodding, the planning and the planting, the mulching and the mosquito control, it may seem as if you are done. Finally, you have the space of your dreams! But… did you think about lighting? This is a critical feature in any landscape. How will you incorporate lighting into your outdoor living design? 

Without further ado, let there be light!

5 Ideas for Incorporating Lighting into Your Outdoor Living Design 

Incorporating lighting into your outdoor living design provides a host of practical and aesthetic benefits. To achieve the results you want, consider: 

1. Hardscape Lights 

Think about the lights in your kitchen, placed discreetly underneath cabinetry or along the toe kicks. They deliver just the right amount of illumination to create a calming environment while ensuring things – like your toes! — don’t go bump in the night. The same applies to your outdoor space. When you install low-profile LEDs in kitchens, seating areas, firepits, and other areas, you can establish a subtle and beautiful atmosphere while increasing overall safety.  

From lighting in retainer wall capstones, surrounding the pool or water feature, or placed along paths and walkways, a little light can go a very long way in creating a dream landscape. 

2. Downlighting 

What’s more beautiful than soft moonlight dancing across your patio, porch, garden, or outdoor kitchen? It certainly sets the mood! You can create a similar effect using strategic downlighting. Mounted high in an architectural feature, tree, post, or other structure, downlights are perfect for outdoor kitchen and dining areas as they contribute both functional and elegant illumination. 

3. Deck and Step Lights 

Picture it: summertime, your backyard BBQ is running into the late hours, and guests are enjoying themselves immensely. As the sunsets and the stars rise, though, it can be tricky to make their way through the property, into and out of the house, and up and down the stairs safely. Deck and step lights are easy to integrate into rails and risers to help people find their way, signal changes in elevation/terrain, and define your landscape more clearly. Surface-mounted and recessed options are the ultimate in discrete, convenient lighting. 

4. Bistro Lights 

Add a touch of whimsy with bistro lights (also called café lighting). Unlike fairy lights which offer a mostly decorative touch, these larger bulbs perfectly blend form and function. Like downlighting, bistro lights illuminate from above, casting a warm glow on your outdoor gatherings and festivities. They create a marvelous sense of occasion, elevating even a simple after-work drink into a memory. 

5. Dark Sky Compliant 

The “dark sky” drive is gaining speed in Indiana. This movement is designed to counter the negative effects of harsh light pollution, which include wasted energy, disruption to the circadian rhythm, interference with the bird population, and, of course, a less visually stunning night sky. Dark sky compliant lighting meets requirements that fixtures not emit light above the horizontal line. This cuts down on our environmental impact – while making a big impact on style! Ask about dark sky compliant lighting for your outdoor space. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space with the Right Lighting 

What do you envision for your space? How do you want to use it? What do you want it to look like, feel like? We care, and we listen to your answers. This helps the GreenImage team of experts create a cohesive lighting plan that works for you.  

Get ready to see your outdoor design in a whole new light. Contact GreenImage to learn more.