Outdoor Living Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space: Ensuring your Interior Style Flows to your Backyard

You’ve worked really hard to ensure every space in your home is beautifully designed. Whether that means you have a minimalist, modern feel or a cozy farmhouse style dotted with hints of rustic beauty, your style defines your home the moment anyone walks through the door. How well does that style carry throughout your property, though? The design elements you chose to incorporate inside your home can just as easily help define the space outside of your home, too. This will create a cohesive feel that is naturally attractive, seamlessly blending and flowing from your outdoor living space to the carefully crafted elements you’ve added inside.

It Starts With Style

Creating the link between your indoor and outdoor space begins with a closer definition of your style. Think about what you were trying to achieve inside your home. Imagine for a moment that you own a Victorian cottage like those you might see in the Cottage Home Historic District. Inside, you may have chosen to go with historic elements like antique brass fixtures and classic wood flooring. That idea could easily be extended with your outdoor living space as well. By mimicking English style gardens with natural barriers like tall hedges and formal garden beds with pathways throughout your backyard, you’ll easily be able to help extend the feel of your home. Understanding exactly what your style is will help your landscaping company come up with a fitting design.

Colors and Textures Matter in Your Outdoor Living Space

As you work to create the same style in your outdoor living space, don’t overlook the colors and textures you’ve used throughout your home. Given that Indianapolis experiences four clear seasons, you won’t always get the same color scheme from the plants you select. You might, though, get it from various landscaping elements like the patio materials you select and the furniture you choose for your outdoor living room. You can also choose various annuals and other plants to help bring those colors you selected inside your house into your outdoor space on a seasonal basis.

Textures matter here, too! If you’ve chosen a sleek feel inside your very modern home, you’ll want to do the same outside, incorporating various metals and glass where it’s appropriate. A rustic home might choose to do something like a natural stone patio with a fire pit to help bring that warm and relaxed feel to the outdoor living space.

Contact Us for a Complete Design Plan

You spent quite a bit of time deciding what the interior of your home should look like. Spend that same time and effort building an outdoor living space that will help carry the theme from one space to the next. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional landscape design and construction services.